The Tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven, that is fueled with charcoal, widely used for the elaboration of certain dishes in the region of Punjab, north of India and Pakistan.

Tandoor: The secret of Indian cuisine

At Mayura we use an authentic charcoal tandoor oven, brought directly from India, from which originate the delicious flavours we serve daily.  At Mayura we have one of the only charcoal tandoors in Barcelona.  From this oven comes the famous tandoori chicken or the various kinds of bread like naan or the vegan tandoori roti.

If you have come to enjoy the authentic Indian food on the menu at Mayura and ask yourself as to the secret behind out grilled meats, well, it is none other than our tandoor oven.  In addition to the incredible flavor that this clay oven brings to food, both meats and vegetables cooked with a tandoor oven keep all the juices intensifying the flavor.

We look forward to serving you one of many tandoori dishes, tasting platters or fresh breads on your next visit to Mayura.

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