frequently asked questions

Here is the list with the most common questions from our customers regarding the purchase and provision of our gift dinner service. Review each of the points of the frequently asked questions, and you can surely resolve all your doubts before buying a Mayurabox:

  • How can I purchase a Mayurabox?
    Don’t worry, the process is very simple. Select the quantity of vouchers you want to buy and click on the “pay now” button, our website will redirect you to PayPal for an easy and secure payment. Alternatively, you can visit our restaurant and purchase the physical version directly.

  • I want a Mayurabox, but I don’t want to buy it online.
    If you prefer not to make a payment through PayPal, we have the Mayurabox available at our restaurant. You can visit us at Calle Girona 57 in Barcelona and pay at the counter for a Mayurabox at the same price as on the website.

  • How can I personalize my Mayurabox?
    Once you have made the purchase, we will send you an email where we will ask you to send us your message or company logo to include in the Mayurabox.

  • I still don’t know who to gift my Mayurabox to, can I leave it non-personalized?
    Yes, the Mayurabox is already prepared with a special message for any occasion. After making the purchase, we will send you an email and ask if you want to send a personal message or not.

  • How can I receive my Mayurabox?
    Once you have made the purchase, we will send you an email to confirm how you want to receive your Mayurabox. We have two options for you to choose from:
    • By Email: We will send you a .PDF file with the Mayurabox Certificate and all the usage instructions to the email address you provide.
    • Pick up at the Restaurant: You can personally come and pick up the physical version of your Mayurabox at our restaurant located at Calle Girona 57, Barcelona.

  • I have purchased or received a Mayurabox, how do I make a reservation?
    Inside the box or the Digital Certificate of the Mayurabox, you will find simple instructions that the gift recipient should follow. To make a reservation:
    • Send an email with a 24-hour notice to with your details and the coupon code.
    • Wait for the confirmation email within a minimum of 12 hours.

  • I have been gifted a Mayurabox and we want to invite two friends.
    The Mayurabox is an exclusive gift, and it is not possible to share a table with individuals who do not have a Mayurabox. If you have a Mayurabox, we invite you to gift another one to your friends so they can share the Mayura experience with you.

  • We have made a reservation for the Mayurabox but cannot attend.
    Don’t worry, you won’t lose your gift dinner. Simply cancel your reservation in advance by calling the restaurant or emailing us at

  • What do I need to bring on the day of the romantic dinner?
    If you have received the confirmation of your reservation, all you need to bring is the enthusiasm to have an unforgettable evening.

  • How can I contact the Mayura restaurant?
    At Mayura, we have an online customer service network, and we provide various contact options. Feel free to reach out to us for questions or suggestions regarding our gift voucher through:
    • Reservations: for reservation-related topics and cancellations.
    • Phone: +34 934 41 85 36, direct line to the restaurant for information.
    • Address: Calle Girona 57, Barcelona – 08009.

  • How long do I have to wait to receive my Mayurabox?
    The process is very fast, and it depends on the options you have chosen. Here is a table with the response times:
    • Mayurabox Purchase – Confirmation of purchase within 24 hours.
    • PDF Certificate Delivery – Within 24 hours.
    • Physical Version of Mayurabox (pick up at the restaurant) – Available within a maximum of 5 days.

  • Are there options for vegetarians?
    Yes, all our menus have a vegetarian version. Please email us at, and we will send you the vegetarian menu option for the gift you have in mind.

  • Can I pick up my Mayurabox on the same day as the dinner?
    No, our gift voucher is an object, physical or digital, that is prepared at the moment. The delivery times are at least 24-48 hours. The idea is to purchase it as a gift, and the recipient can use it at their desired time, any time after the day of delivery.

  • Are there any special hours for dining with a Mayurabox?
    There are no special hours. In principle, reservations for our gift dinner can be made during our regular service hours, which are:
    • Dinner from Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
    • Dinner on weekends: 8:30 PM or 10:30 PM
    • Lunch on weekends: 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

  • Can I use my Mayurabox any day of the year?
    On special dates such as Valentine’s Day, Saint George’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s, the Mayurabox cannot be redeemed. We usually have special menus and events that interfere with the provision of the Mayurabox service, and that is why those dates are excluded.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact us directly at